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Car battery warranty starts at the date of purchase of the original customer.
Any warranty claims will be taken into consideration only when you have the original warranty receipt. Warranty claims can be denied for merely discharged batteries or damage sustained due to abuse or neglect. It is imperative to provide proper maintenance to your car battery.



Go to an authorized mechanic can be done anywhere in North America and confirm the problem. Full system test required. appropriate tests with the proper test equipment to determine the true battery condition. In addition, it may be necessary to charge the battery before a determination of the battery condition can be made.. Pictures need to be taken; serial number of vehicles, modal, make, year, and serial number of the battery..

Free Replacement Warranty

Under the Free Replacement Warranty, your battery will be covered with a free replacement if it stops working or suffers some malfunction/Manufacturer defects.

Pro-Rata Warranty

When your car battery is under a Pro-rata warranty, you don’t get a replacement battery but a discount over the prevailing MRP of the battery in case of damage or malfunction. Batteries purchased under the pro-rata warranty claim will get a fresh warranty.


Most batteries can be installed for a nominal flat fee, Batteries that are located in trunk compartments, under seats, in fender wells, or that require extensive removal procedures will be charged at “Book Rate” pricing based on make, model, and year of vehicle.

Batteries that qualify for warranty replacement within the first 36 months of use will be installed at n/c.

Battery Core Charges

All batteries sold require an environmental battery “core” charge, this charge is applied to all loose battery sales or customers who request to keep their old battery.

Warranty Exclusions and Limitations of Remedy: This limited warranty does not cover:

1)  Batteries that are merely discharged.

2)  Batteries that are damaged due to abuse, neglect, misuse, overcharging, alteration, improper installation, use of special additives, unauthorized attempt to repair, or failure to keep the battery properly maintained.

3)  Batteries that are damaged due to abuse, neglect, misuse, fire, accident, collision, explosion, freezing, or theft.

4) Improperly tested or untested batteries

This limited warranty controls all contractual warranty claims. Battery Assist makes no other express warranties.

Contact For more information on this limited warranty.

Battery Assist Canada Inc, Customer Service, 1-888-383-8528


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